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What is Vein Disease?

Our bodies are composed of a network of blood vessels made up of arteries and veins. Arteries carry oxygen-rich blood from the heart to various parts of the body. During this process, the blood loses oxygen and must return to the heart. Our veins are the blood vessels that return blood to the heart.

Within our veins are small valves that help return blood to the heart. If blood attempts to move away from the heart these valves should close, preventing backwards flow. This backward flow is called ‘reflux’ or ‘insufficiency’.

As people age, or are subject to injury or genetic predisposition, these valves can fail or reflux which results in uncomfortable symptoms.

Early symptoms may seem minor. Without proper medical treatment, vein disease can progress and become serious or disabling. Due to gravity, we see vein disease more frequently in the lower extremities than in other parts of the body.

What are the Symptoms of Chronic Vein Disease?

Chronic vein disease is also referred to chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). CVI can range from mild cosmetic forms to more severe forms that can cause ulcers or other serious health concerns. Some of the symptoms are as follows:

Varicose Veins

Large dark-colored veins visible below the surface of the skin, occur from an increase in pressure within the vein.

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Spider Veins

Also known as spider telangiectasias, first appears as thin veins visible below the surface of the skin.

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Venous Ulcers

Also known as stasis ulcers, occur as a wound as pressure builds in the leg when venous valves do not function properly.

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Deep Venous Thrombosis & Superficial Phlebitis

Occurs when a blood clot develops within a deep vein.

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